elementtree examples

Kee Nethery kee at kagi.com
Mon Oct 19 21:50:05 CEST 2009

On Oct 19, 2009, at 12:06 PM, Paul Rubin wrote:

> Kee Nethery <kee at kagi.com> writes:
>> do not appear to contain examples for each object, interface or
>> function. Where would I find examples that use each elementtree
>> function, interface and object?
> effbot.org has a few.

yes I agree it has a few. It's not anywhere close to complete. I am  
looking for examples for each object, interface or function.

If you just take the very first function in the official docs as an  

The effbot.org site appears to contain no working examples of that  
function. At a minimum it would be kind of nice for two simple  
examples, one with str and one with unicode "text" showing the XML  
before and after this function acts upon it.

Am looking for that level of documentation for each function,  
interface and object listed in the official docs for elementtree.

Does it exist?

Thanks, Kee Nethery

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