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Tue Oct 20 02:15:26 CEST 2009

On Oct 20, 3:31 am, Massimo Di Pierro <MDiPie... at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Just to clarify. I did not make any statement about "web2py is  
> superior to SQLAlchemy" since that is somewhat subjective.
> SQLALchemy for example does a much better job at accessing legacy  
> databases. web2py is more limited in that respect and we are working  
> on removing those limitations.
> I do believe web2py is easier to use than SQLAlchemy, is faster (but  
> yet I do not know SQLAchemy to optimize it properly) and has many  
> features in common with sqlaclhemy including connection pools, joins,  
> left joins, aggregates, nested selects (I do not know SQLAlchemy well  
> enough to know about advanced features that web2py may be missing).  
> The web2py DAL works on Google App Engine while none of the other ORMs  
> do.
> Massimo

So does web2py allow for raw sql if there is an advanced procedure or
query that needs to be performed that is outside the scope of the
web2pr orm

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