File not closed on exception

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>> > I thought that file objects were supposed to be garbage-collected and
>> > automatically closed once they go out of scope, at least that's what
>> > I've been told by more merited Python programmers.
>> When an object holds references to external resources that must be  
>> freed,  
>> this is not a good idea. Being explicit with the resource deallocation  
>> is  
>> much better than relying on object destruction sometime in the future...
> I agree, but like I said, I've been told that this (implicit closing
> of files) is the correct style by more merited Python developers, so
> that made me think I was probably wrong ..

Then tell those "more merited Python developers" that they're wrong, and  
that the right way to ensure a file is closed when you're done with it is  
to use a `with` statement (or a try/finally block in old Python releases)

Gabriel Genellina

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