Checking a Number for Palindromic Behavior

rurpy at rurpy at
Tue Oct 20 19:13:48 CEST 2009

On 10/19/2009 03:24 PM, rurpy at wrote:

> You think that was homework?  Perhaps so but for the record
> here are some posts by some other people who suspected
> homework in the very recent past...


Gary Heron wrote:
> This problem (and the OP's previous problem) are probably homework
> problems
Benjamin Middaugh wrote:
> Actually I was working on a program to test the so-called 196-algorithm
> as an extracurricular activity.

Chris Rebert wrote:
> Since this sounds like homework,
skorpio11 at wrote:
> Thanks Chris, Not homework but self learning.

Laszlo Nagy wrote:
> Is this a homework?
kj wrote:
> Earlier some other clown alleged that that my original post
> was homework???  WTF?

John Nagle wrote
> This looks like a homework assignment.
dads wrote:
> No this certainly isn't homework, I'm 29 and in full time work.

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