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>>The tuple thing is a new concept to me... at least the vocabulary is,
>>I'll go look that up now and learn info on tuples. It's been ages
>>since I did any python programming, and even back then it was fairly
>>simple stuff (this was about 9 years ago)... so I'm relearning by
>>working on this little project.
> Tuples were certainly in Python ten years ago...

Oh I have no doubt... I just didn't really need to worry about it
then.  Like I said, I was just doing fairly simple stuff then.
Actually, at THAT time I was trying to teach myself Python by working
on a project... the project was using cuecat scanners to create a
home-built barcode inventory system... BUT, right after I got all the
front end stuff done, and was ready to actually build the back end db
to actually store real data, I got laid off and just stopped caring.

So now I'm older, wiser, and care again, and am teaching myself once
more by working on a project that interests me... well, it mostly
interests me.  I'm starting off with a simple hardware/os info
gathering program that will work on both Windows and Linux when


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