fastcgi Access Checking

Robin Becker robin at
Thu Oct 22 18:57:57 CEST 2009

I'm trying to do FastCgiAccessChecker with a django project; the base idea is to 
use the django controlled logins to control access to an apache down load area.

My original idea was to make django responsible for the FastCgiAccessChecker 
script itself since we're running django as an external fcgi socket server using 

I managed to get apache to accept the long running socket server as the 
FastCgiAccessChecker, but all attempts at using the access check seem to fail 
with some kind of fastcgi protocol error

......server.fcgi" aborted: protocol error: invalid FCGI_END_REQUEST status: 3 

it seems that 3 refers to a bad role, but I'm not sure who is detecting this 

Any ideas welcome. I ask here because my queries elsewhere have vanished.

I should add that I have two solutions to the problem of getting the validation 
done, but both involve extra fcgi scripts. One imports django and does the 
checking directly, the second uses urllib2 to forward the validation request 
using the original django http application.
Robin Becker

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