PAMIE and beautifulsoup problem

elca highcar at
Fri Oct 23 08:03:56 CEST 2009

currently im making some web scrap script.
and i was choice PAMIE to use my script.
actually im new to python and programming.
so i have no idea ,if i use PAMIE,it really helpful to make script to relate
with win32-python.
ok my problem is ,
while im making script,i was encounter two probelm.
first , i want to let work my script Beautifulsoup and PAMIE.
so i was googled, and only i can found 1 hint.
follow script is which i was found in google.
but it not work for me.
im using PAMIE3 version.even if i changed to pamie 2b version ,i couldn't
make it working.

from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
Import cPAMIE
url = ''
ie = cPAMIE.PAMIE(url)
bs = BeautifulSoup(ie.pageText())

and follow is my script. how to make it to work ?
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
from PAM30 import PAMIE

url = ''
ie = PAMIE(url)
bs = BeautifulSoup(ie.pageText())

my second problem is,while im making script,i think sometime i need normal
IE interface.
is it possible to change PAMIE's IE interface to just normal IE
i don't want to open new IE window to work with normal IE interface,want to
continue work with current PAMIE's IE windows.
sorry for my bad english
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