problem with pythonw.exe

Christian Heimes lists at
Fri Oct 23 10:49:28 CEST 2009

Martin Shaw wrote:
> I have a tkinter application running on my windows xp work machine and I am
> attempting to stop the console from appearing when the application runs.
> I've researched around and the way to do this appears to be to use
> pythonw.exe instead of python.exe. However when I try to run pythonw.exe
> from the command prompt it simply does nothing. I can't find anything like
> this where I've searched. I've tried reinstalling python. Pythonw.exe
> appears to work when i run it through cygwin however I don't really want to
> use cygwin for this application. Any idea as to what might be the problem?

Windows GUI programs don't have any standard streams. stdin, stdout and
stderr aren't attached so any print statement or traceback isn't shown.
Could this explain the behavior?


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