how can i use lxml with win32com?

elca highcar at
Sun Oct 25 10:09:14 CET 2009

actually what i want is, 
if you run my script you can reach this page
that is korea portal site and i was search keyword using 'korea times'
and i want to scrap resulted to text name with 'blogscrap_save.txt'
if you run this script ,you can see 
following article

"Yesan County: How do you like them apples?
    코리아헤럴드 |
    carp fishing at the Yedang Reservoir - 
    Korea`s biggest - taking a nice stroll... 
    During the curator`s recitation of Yun`s life and times as a resistance
and freedom fighter, 
    he would emphsize random ...

and also can see following article and so on ....
10,000 Nepalese Diaspora Emerging in Korea
    코리아타임스 세계 | 2009.10.23 (금) 오후 9:31
    Although the Nepalese community in Korea is worker dominated, 
    there are... yoga is popular among Nepalese. These festivals are the 
    times when expatriate Nepalese feel nostalgic for their... "
 so actual process to scrap site is,
 first i want to use keyword and want to save resulted article with only
 i was attached currently im making script but not so much good and can't
work well.
 especially extract part is really hard for novice,such like for me :)
 thanks in advance.. 

motoom wrote:
> elca wrote:
>> actually what i want to parse website is some different language site.
> A different website?  What website?  What text?  Please show your actual 
> use case, instead of smokescreens.
>> so i was quote some common english website for easy understand.   :)
> And, did you learn something from it?  Were you able to apply the 
> technique to the other website?
>> by the way, is it possible to use with PAMIE and beautifulsoup work
>> together?
> If you define 'working together' as like 'PAMIE produces a HTML text and 
> BeautifulSoup parses it', then maybe yes.
> Greetings,
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> "The ability of the OSS process to collect and harness
> the collective IQ of thousands of individuals across
> the Internet is simply amazing." - Vinod Valloppillil
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