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Sun Oct 25 12:08:56 CET 2009

vsoler <vicente.soler at> writes:

> At the prompt:
> import test
> dir()
> I would like to see the variables created in the test namespace.
> However, variable "a" does not appear in the list, only "test". Since
> I know that var "a" is reachable from the prompt by means of test.a,
> how can I list this sort of variables?

    >>> help(dir)
    Help on built-in function dir in module __builtin__:

        dir([object]) -> list of strings
        Return an alphabetized list of names comprising (some of) the
        of the given object, and of attributes reachable from it:
        No argument:  the names in the current scope.
        Module object:  the module attributes.

So ‘dir()’ returns the names in the current scope, which is why the
names in the module ‘test’ don't appear there.

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