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Mon Oct 26 10:50:23 CET 2009

On Oct 26, 3:53 am, Grant Edwards <inva... at invalid.invalid> wrote:
> On 2009-10-26, Philip Semanchuk <phi... at> wrote:
> > On Oct 25, 2009, at 8:39 PM, Ronn Ross wrote:
> >> I need to create a gui for python. I'm looking for something that is
> >> easy to
> >> learn and cross platform. Any suggestions? If you have any good
> >> tutorials
> >> please send along. Thanks in advance.
> > wxPython (which wraps wxWidgets) is popular and IMO reasonably well
> > laid out.
> I wouldn't call wxPython easy to learn.  (It is, however, what
> I use when I need a cross-platform GUI.) IMO, Tkinter is much
> easier to learn. But, it doesn't use native widgets, so Tkinter
> apps look like Tkinter apps rather than like other native apps.

Not anymore: tcl/tk 8.5 now includes the ttk themed widget set, which
can be made to use native widgets by setting the proper theme.

> > I hear great things about PyQt (which wraps QT) but I haven't
> > used it. PySide is a new wrapper for QT that has generated a
> > lot of excitement but is still its infancy, I think.
> I've always intended to look into pyFLTK, but have never had
> time to do more than a simple "hello world" program.

Does FLTK support native widgets? Last time I looked, it didn't seem
to... But it was quite a long time ago.

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