Read any function in runtime

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> joao abrantes <senhor.abrantes <at>> writes:
>> Hey. I want to make a program like this:print "Complete the function
> f(x)="then the user would enter x+2 or 1/x or any other function that  
> only uses
> the variable x. Then my python program would calculate f(x) in some  
> points for
> example in f(2),f(4).. etc . How can I do this?
> check out 'eval' or 'exec'.

Then check out all the reasons you shouldn't use them in an
environment that you don't trust absolutely -- if someone wipes
your hard disc, you won't get any sympathy from here.

The safe answer is to write yourself a small parser.  Given that
you've got a very limited symbol set, that shouldn't be too hard.

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