Does someone has a 5-line working example of SOAP server request ?

Stef Mientki stef.mientki at
Tue Oct 27 01:45:09 CET 2009


I want to ask some simple queries to a SOAP server ( through wdsl). The 
ICT department advised me to use a dot-net environment, because that 
should be able to handle wdsl automatically. As I have a quite large 
Python desktop application and I still don't understand what a "dot-net 
program" is, I prefer to add SOAP to my existing Python desktop application.

Reading Dive into Python, the chapter SOAP web services, I estimated 
that would be very doable, without  diving to deep in  the details of 
SOAP and other web-protocols. But following the instructions in that 
book, I couldn't get it working. I also noticed that the libraries they 
suggest pyXML, fpconst, SOAPpy are relatively old 4,5 years, so these 
libs are either perfect or dead. So I tried some other libraries lxml, 
zsi,soaplib, but probably due to a lack of detailed knowledge of the 
soap protocol and it's usage, I couldn't get anything working.

So could someone tell me what libraries I need to perform a SOAP query ?
Is there a 5-line (Dive into Python had a 4-line example ;-) that can 
show the SOAP query is working ?

(btw I use Python 2.5 on Windows if that matters)

Stef Mientki

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