Web development with Python 3.1

Billy Earney billy.earney at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 13:24:49 CET 2009

I would agree with Alan.  Most of the libraries you should use are
compatible with the 2.x series..  I still use versions 2.5 and 2.6 for all


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Aaron Watters wrote: 

On Oct 25, 7:52 pm, Alan Harris-Reid  <mailto:a... at baselinedata.co.uk>
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I am very much new to Python, and one of my first projects is a simple
data-based website. I am starting with Python 3.1 (I can hear many of
you shouting "don't - start with 2.6"), but as far as I can see, none of
the popular python-to-web frameworks (Django, CherryPy, web.py, etc.)
are Python3 compatible yet.
So, what can I use to start my web programming experience using 3.1?
Any help would be appreciated.

Don't. use python 2.6 with WHIFF :)
-- Aaron Watters

Thanks for the advice


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