Web development with Python 3.1

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 19:36:43 CET 2009

> declarative mapping of urls to code

Apache does this, unless I am misunderstanding you.

> of code to templates

Those who code in HTML don't need this. In any case it's not hard to
call a function in a class that writes the HTML before the content,
then write the content, then call another function that writes the
HTML after the content. This is how my sites are run, though in PHP
instead of Python. No prepackaged templates.

> abstracting away
> the details of GET and POST

GET is easy, just parse the HTTP request. I don't know how much of a
problem POST would be.

> validating and decoding parameters, especially
> if these become larger repetitive structures like several addresses of a
> user

This falls under database, cookies, or HTTP request parsing. Or am I
misunderstanding something again?

> re-rendering invalid form-data

Just add it into the HTML.

> working with HTML or JSON as output,

Same as writing to stdout, just output the HTTP headers first.

> managing transactions, providing a error-reporting-infrastructure

This does not differ from regular (non-web) Python coding.

> The list continues.

I would really like to know what else. So far, I am not convinced that
a framework offers anything that is not already easily accomplished in

Dotan Cohen


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