ftpilb.FTP.stor...() freeze mystery

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Oct 28 01:48:25 CET 2009

En Tue, 27 Oct 2009 07:53:36 -0300, Anthra Norell
<anthra.norell at bluewin.ch> escribió:

>   I am trying to upload a bunch of web pages to a hosting service. I  
> have a connected ftplib.FTP object and can upload files manually from an  
> IDLE command line using the methods storlines () for html files and  
> storbinary () for the pictures. So far no problem. In order to upload  
> the whole set of files I wrote a loop that iterates through the file  
> names and calls either of the stor... () methods as appropriate. The  
> loop successfully uploads eight of some twenty files and then freezes.  
> Ctrl-C doesn't unlock the freeze. I have to kill the IDLE window which  
> raises a confirmation request "are you sure? The program is still  
> running." Having no alternative I am sure. I open a new IDLE window and  
> start over. Every retry fails the exact same way.

   From the description alone I can't infer any problem. Certainly uploading
files with ftplib worked fine last time I tried. Try to remove all
unnecesary lines from your script, making it as small as possible but
still showing your problem, and post it here.

Gabriel Genellina

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