Feedback wanted on programming introduction (Python in Windows)

Richard Heathfield rjh at see.sig.invalid
Wed Oct 28 09:08:44 CET 2009

In <hc8pn3$ddn$1 at>, Alf P. Steinbach wrote:


> I may finally have found the perfect language for a practically
> oriented introductory book on programming, namely Python.

> I don't know whether this will ever become an actual book. I hope
> so!
> So I would would be very happy for feedback.

"Sorry, but this browser does not support web word processing. Please 
see our system requirements page for a list of supported browsers."

A Web site should be able to provide at least basic content provision 
in *any* standard-conforming browser.

I've seen Steven's parallel comment along similar lines, and Jon 
Clements's reply - which appears to solve the problem, albeit in a 
semi-proprietary way. So I'm not asking for a solutio, just adding my 
vote for "let's try to keep the Web as open to everyone as we can".


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