Question on PEP 337

Gabor Urban urbangabo at
Wed Oct 28 13:45:33 CET 2009

Hy guys,

this PEP is very well written, and I have found the discussion inspiring.

Every time I use the logging module, I have the configuration hardcoded in
the application. That is why I never used the configuration file based
approach. Now I will give it a try.....

I think we should discuss the following scenario (it was not clear in the
PEP for me) : an application has the logging configuration in a config file
and it is  currently running. The user edits this file, so the configuiration
in the running process should be changed.
-- How will be the logging mechanism reconfigured?
-- How can the logging module guarantee that there will be no data loss
   during the reconfiguration process?


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