Python + twisted = Raindrop (in part)

J Kenneth King james at
Wed Oct 28 14:47:54 CET 2009

Terry Reedy <tjreedy at> writes:

> Rrom:
> First look: inside Mozilla's Raindrop messaging platform
> "The backend components that are responsible for retrieving and
> processing messages are coded in Python on top of the Twisted
> networking framework."
> Ok, front end is html/Javascript, DB is erlang-based....
> tjr

There are already developers grumbling about using Twisted.

I checked out the source myself and looked at the roadmaps and bug lists
to see if there were any patches I could work on.  But it doesn't look
all that interesting unless you're into Javascript.

Python is mainly used to fetch data.  Scheduling the fetch is left up to
the user/OS.  Python is also used for some "extensions" which are
basically document transformation scripts.  The extensions are stored in
the CouchDB and are eval'd asynchronously on each document in the
CouchDB.  A fairly expensive process to be sure.

Anyway, it's still really early in development so I'm sure they could
use some help.  :)

PS: Anyone wanna take a stab at their twisted pro/con list?


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