Feedback wanted on programming introduction (Python in Windows)

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Wed Oct 28 21:08:54 CET 2009

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> [Cross-posted comp.programming and comp.lang.python]
> Hi.
> I may finally have found the perfect language for a practically oriented 
> introductory book on programming, namely Python.
> C++ was way too complex for the novice, JScript and C# suffered from too 
> fast-changing specifications and runtime environment, Java, well, nothing 
> particularly wrong but it's sort of too large and unwieldy and inefficient.
> I don't know whether this will ever become an actual book. I hope so!
> But since I don't know much Python -- I'm *learning* Python as I write -- I know 
> that there's a significant chance of communicating misconceptions, non-idiomatic 
> ways to do things, bad conventions, etc., in addition to of course plain errors 
> of fact and understanding in general, to which I'm not yet immune...
> So I would would be very happy for feedback.
> But note: although I'm a complete Python newbie I'm not a novice programmer; my 
> usual programming language is C++. So if you are a novice and think there's 
> something wrong, then please do report it because it may help me explain things 
> better, but since it's likely my explanation that is misleading, don't waste 
> time on building up a case! This also goes for something that is simply 
> difficult to understand. Then reporting that may help me explain it better. On 
> the other hand, if you do have some experience, then chances are that what you 
> think is an error, actually *is* an error! :-)
> Unfortunately Google docs doesn't display the nice table of contents in each 
> document, but here's the public view of ch 1 (complete) and ch 2 (about one 
> third completed, I've not yet settled on a title so it's just chapter "asd"):
> Cheers,

Why is chapter 2 called "ASD"?

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