Bug(s) in Python 3.1.1 Windows installation

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at start.no
Wed Oct 28 23:18:48 CET 2009


Or, to whomever this concerns... ;-)

I thought it would be prudent to install 3.1.1 for Windows from scratch, so I 
uninstalled everything (CPython, ActivePython), and then installed Python 3.1.1.

In the "Advanced" option I told the installer to compile packages.

The compiler then found a few syntax errors apparently in some text conversion 
test programs, and finally a message box popped up saying that "There is a 
problem with this Windows Installer Package",


and the main installation dialog then reported "Python 3.1.1 installer ended 
prematurely. [...] Your system has not been modified".


OK, I'll try again /without/ asking it to compile. I'm just reporting this so 
that whoever needs to know knows (including maintainers and people wanting to 
install this).


- Alf

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