ANN: Jump released!

Olli Wang olliwang at
Thu Oct 29 11:37:12 CET 2009

I am proud to announce that Jump is released!
You can find the Jump project at, and its
documentation at

Jump is a build tool for distributing Jython applications in a really
easy step.

* Distributing Jython applications into a single, independent JAR
* Distributing Jython libraries into a single JAR file. **[New in
* Distributing native Mac OS X application bundles, Windows .exe
executables, WAR files for Python WSGI applications. **[New in v0.9.5]
* Supporting Java source code and third-party JAR files.
* Supporting Java Native Interface files for distributing JAR files. **
[New in v0.9.5]**
* Starting the created distribution from either Jython or Java code.
* Packaging **only required** Python modules into the final
distribution **automatically**, which means you don't have to worry
about using Python third-party libraries as long as they can be found
in your `sys.path`.
* Importing specified Python packages explicitly. **[New in v0.9.5]**
* All Python modules (except Python's standard library) packaged into
the final distribution are compiled to `$py.class` files, which means
your source code is not public.

If you have any question or bug report, please post it to our mailing
list at, contributions are
always welcome as well.

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