ImportError: No module named _md5 - Please help

Diez B. Roggisch deets at
Thu Oct 29 16:28:04 CET 2009


please don't post this to comp.lang.python *and* the python mailinglist.
Both are synchronized, so your post shows up twice on both.

> I am trying to run a python script and got this error.
>>>import _md5
>>>ImportError: No module named _md5

I've never seen this import. Normally, it should be 

 import md5

So you might try to alter the import statement to

 import md5 as _md5

and see if things work.

It might be of course that the author of your script provided a home-grown
implementation of md5 which has a different interface, and called this _md5
to prevent name-clashes. Then you need to modify your whole script to make
it work.

> Googling the problem suggested that I install the 'py25-hashlib'.
> the following does not work for me 'sudo port install py25-hashlib' ,
> trying to install MacPorts raised many problems.
> My question is: any idea on how to install it using yum?
> I am running python 2.6.2 on a centos machine.

I don't understand this - you are talking about ports which is a Mac-thing,
but run on centos?

However that may be, this *should* be part of core python anyway. If not,
you might look in yum for some python-dependency-packages, no idea how to
do that though (debian user here)


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