Feedback wanted on programming introduction (Python in Windows)

Richard Heathfield rjh at see.sig.invalid
Thu Oct 29 23:58:28 CET 2009

In <7ku6jhF3a23e1U1 at>, osmium wrote:

> "Richard Heathfield" wrote:
>>> if the OP had just been smarter.
>> Er, no, I didn't have that in mind at all.
> In some cultures, implying that someone is illiterate suggests "not
> smart".

I don't see that at all. Babies are illiterate. Nobody knows whether 
they're smart. In any case, I /said/ "computer-illiterate". Albert 
Einstein was computer-illiterate.

> There is a formal disconnect there but possibly you can see
> how someone might infer that.

I can see how an unsmart person might infer that.

> At least I found out what your choice was, HTML, same as mine.

Naturally. It's the smart person's choice. :-)

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