Aaaargh! "global name 'eggz' is not defined"

exarkun at exarkun at
Thu Oct 29 23:58:35 CET 2009

On 09:52 pm, aahz at wrote:
>In article <mailman.2279.1256851983.2807.python-list at>,
>Robert Kern  <robert.kern at> wrote:
>>I like using pyflakes. It catches most of these kinds of typo errors, 
>>but is
>>much faster than pylint or pychecker.
>Coincidentally, I tried PyFlakes yesterday and was unimpressed with the
>way it doesn't work with "import *".

Consider it (some very small, I'm sure) motivation to stop using "import 
*", which is itself only something used in unimpressive software. ;)


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