Feedback wanted on programming introduction (Python in Windows)

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>> You use the highly commercial-looking activatestate website; what's wrong 
>> with
> I guess "commercial looking" is something negative.
> Please note regarding the question: I'm not a telepath. I don't know what 
> you think is wrong with []. seems to be the main site. Google "python download" and that is 
the first hit.

Their windows download seems to be 13MB against the 32MB of activestate, and 
the IDE provided seems more advanced that the 'console window' you have in 
your tutorial. I'm just asking why your chose one over the other...

> And I have no interest in evaluating the site for you, at least not unless 
> you pay me for that job.

...but if that answer is going to cost me money, then forget it. I think 
that statement just answered it.

>> You say elsewhere that you're not specifically teaching Python, but the 
>> text is full of technical details specific to both Python
> Yes. A programming language is required to do programming. Can't do 
> without it, sorry.

You make it sound complicated however.


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