Python library "support" propaganda lists?

Ulrich Eckhardt eckhardt at
Fri Oct 30 14:48:10 CET 2009

Aaron Watters wrote:
> In the last couple months on a few occasions
> I've tried various Python libraries (and I'm not going to
> name names) and run into some problem.
> Following the documented procedure [...]

Documented where?

> [...] I eventually post the problem to the "support" list

Which support list?

> Then I'm told automatically that my post will be moderated.
> Then nothing happens.  The post just disappears.
> No offline reply.  Nothing.

Are you talking about a single mailinglist maintained by Python or
are you talking about various lists of projects using Python?

> I don't know why this happens, but if people
> are using their "support" forums

And now it's a forum, not a mailinglist, and more than one of them?

Yes, I had people all over ignore requests, suggestions, bug reports etc. I
also had people take them up, comment sensibly, thank me or be up front and
reject my proposals for various reasons. Both categories came from
both "open" projects of volunteers and commercially run projects.

Maybe if they don't care about you, you shouldn't care about them?

I hope you have a happy weekend!


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