Feedback wanted on programming introduction (Python in Windows)

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at
Fri Oct 30 19:34:51 CET 2009

* Alf P. Steinbach:
> * bartc:
>> seems to be the main site. Google "python download" and 
>> that is the first hit.
>> Their windows download seems to be 13MB against the 32MB of 
>> activestate, and the IDE provided seems more advanced that the 
>> 'console window' you have in your tutorial. I'm just asking why your 
>> chose one over the other...
> I've changed that choice, so it's not something very important, but an 
> ActiveState installation of some language generally Just Works, while 
> other installations of non-Windows-specific programming stuff generally 
> doesn't, requiring manual fixups.
> For example, the mainstream Python 2.6 distribution failed to install 
> when asked to pre-compile (advanced option).

Sorry, I meant 3.1.1. I posted links to screenshots else-thread. Earlier.

> Regarding the "IDE" I'm not sure what you're referring to because 
> there's no such thing AFAICS. There's IDLE, which is referred to as an 
> IDE but is (1) also present in the ActiveState distribution and is (2) 
> not really an IDE in any but perhaps a formal sense. It's just a 
> primitive editor with a primitive debugger that, in Windows, has an 
> annoying bug regarding highlighting of code.
> [snippety]
> Cheers & hth.,
> - Alf

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