Feedback wanted on programming introduction (Python in Windows)

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In <hcfj10$1ol$1 at>, Alf P. Steinbach wrote:

> I'm very very happy that most comments about perceived defects in
> the text and in my responses here, have only disagreements over
> terminology. I had expected a slew of errors being pointed out,
> since I'm new to Python. <g> Still, I'm fairly sure that there
> actually *is* such a slew of errors, because there is in any text of
> more than ten pages or so; any good book has a volumious errata
> list...

That's "voluminous", and I claim my $2.56.  :-)

But of course you're right. No book is perfect, so every book /should/ 
have an errata list - at least until such time as an author can 
correct errors in already-sold books. That not every book does have 
such a list is therefore of some concern.

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