Why do you use python?

Jaime Buelta jaime.buelta at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 08:39:55 CET 2009

On Oct 31, 8:11 am, sk <catchyouraak... at gmail.com> wrote:
> What would be your answer if this question is asked to you in an
> interview?
> a modified version might be:
> "Where would you use python over C/C++/Java?"
> (because my resume says I know C/C++/Java)?

I also know C/C++/Java so...

I'd say that I can be much more productive in Python that in those
other languages.
I can do the same with , let's say, 5 lines of Python that with 15 or
20 lines of C/C++/Java (maybe a little less in Java), with much less
I can produce clear code, so it's easier to understand when other
person will look at it.
I can produce a prototype much faster
I can focus more on the problem and less on the coding...
I can make cross-platform code (well, also with Java)

I would use it as much as possible, but specially for:
* Complicated script-like actions, in spair of bash scripts, which
it's great for simple , OS related operations, but to manage workflow
it's sometimes confusing.
* Rapid prototyping. Check ideas.
* Tests automation

I try to use Python as often as possible, as my "default language", as
I think I can't be more productive, which it's usually the most
important parameter in software development. Of course, if there is a
good reason not to use it, then it's not the adequate tool. But But I
tend to ask myself "Is there a reason for not using Python?" instead
of "Is there a reason for using Python?"

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