python os.path.exists failure

koranthala koranthala at
Sat Oct 31 16:26:46 CET 2009

Hi all,
   My code is as follows:

path = r'C:/"Program Files"/testfolder/2.3/test.txt'
if os.path.lexists(path):
    print 'Path Exists'
    print 'No file found in path - %s' %path
print Popen(path, stdout=PIPE, shell=True)

The output comes as
No file found in path - C:/"Program Files"/testfolder/2.3/test.txt
but the test.txt file is opened.

The issue, I guess, is that the double quotes inside is failing the
check. But without the double quotes, Popen fails.
One solution, I can think is to check without double quotes, and then
using some code, put the double quotes back inside, but it looks quite

What is the usual solution to this?

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