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Sat Oct 31 22:52:48 CET 2009

Albert Hopkins <marduk at> writes:

> No, I meant "cleaning up the standard library in spite of
> incompatibilities" was one of the goals of Python3 (PEP 3108).

Ah, okay. That PEP is “Standard Library Reorganization”
<URL:>, and is specifically
about removing or renaming modules to “clean up” the library.

I don't think it applies to this conversation, which is not about
renaming nor removing modules.

> Personally I don't see anything wrong with the modules, but that was
> my question to the person who said they should all be integrated but
> wasn't because of incompatibilities.

The changes I'm suggesting would be necessary are to the behaviour of
the ‘time’, ‘datetime’, and ‘calendar’ modules: the types they consume
and produce would be unified. They're not now, which would represent an
incompatible API change, not covered by PEP 3108 nor any Python 2→3 PEP
to my knowledge.

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