IDLE file saving problem

r rt8396 at
Tue Sep 1 09:08:34 CEST 2009

On Aug 23, 4:12 am, Harald Luessen <harald.lues... at> wrote:
> When the cursor is somewhere in the white space at the
> beginning of the lines and I use Ctrl-rightArrow  [ctrl]-[->]
> to go to the first word in the line then IDLE skips
> the position with the first non-whitespace letter and places
> the cursor after the first word in the line.
> This is not consistent because moving backwards works. [ctrl]-[<-]
> Similar things happen at the end of a line.

Ah yes, this is something that erks me daily, but i seem to have
forgotten about it until you brought it up (Thank you!). I must put
this on the rIDLE bug list. It's these tiny annoyances that really
ruin IDLE. It's noting major, but you know what a thousand paper-cuts
can do... With a little spit shine IDLE could be quite wonderful.

You guys will see a much improved IDLE very soon, i can promise you

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