copy object?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Tue Sep 1 21:21:05 CEST 2009

lallous wrote:
> Hello
> I am new to python and have some questions.
> How to copy objects using another method than this:
>     class op:
>       def __init__(self, op):

What do you expect op to be? Certainly not the class 'op'.

>         for x in dir(op):
>           if x[:2] == "__":
>             continue
>           setattr(self, x, getattr(op, x))
> o = op(src)
> I tried to copy with "o = copy.copy(src)" but as soon as "src" is
> gone, "o"'s attributes are not correct, and I cannot use copy.deepcopy
> () because of this error:
> TypeError: object.__new__(SwigPyObject) is not safe, use
> SwigPyObject.__new__()
> Can the previous for loop be simplified and replaced with a map() and
> a lambda function?

If you want the instance to be a copy of another instance, the easier 
place to make the copy would be in the __new__ method, where you might 
be able to use copy.copy.


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