An assessment of the Unicode standard

r rt8396 at
Wed Sep 2 00:49:57 CEST 2009

On Sep 1, 1:52 pm, Hyuga <hyugaricd... at> wrote:
> I'd say don't feel the troll, but too late for that I guess.  

The only trolls in this thread are you and the others who breaks into
MY THREAD just for the knee-jerk reaction of troll calling! Even
though you *did* offer some argument to one of the subjects of this
thread, it was cancelled out by your trolling!

Please come back when you have some constructive thoughts on the
subjects of Python as it relates to Unicode, or Universal natural
languages. Whether you want to admit it or not these subjects affect
programming and Python.

And here is the definition of a troll for the uneducated among us, of
which it seems is surprising a very large number these days...

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