Entry Level Python Jobs

Paul Rubin http
Wed Sep 2 18:28:56 CEST 2009

JonathanB <doulos05 at gmail.com> writes:
> I am a self-taught Python programmer with a liberal arts degree (Cross-
> cultural studies)....
> Is there a place I can look for job posts for entry level positions
> requiring no experience? For the hiring managers, if the job post said
> "CS Major" in the requirements, would you consider a liberal arts
> major at all?

I think in the current economy there are not many entry level
positions requiring no experience, except for internships and that
sort of thing.  Also there are some jobs which really do call for a CS
major or someone of equivalent background.  

Often though, pure technical background doesn't matter as much as
inventiveness and the ability to make things happen, which is more a
matter of personality than training.  I don't know what cross-cultural
studies is, but I could imagine assignments (e.g. internationalizing
the user interface of a program or web site) where someone with that
background could work out fine.

Basically I think for pure software development openings, you may be
difficult to place, but there's lots of other types of openings where
the primary task is something other than programming and yet
incidental amounts of programming are involved.  For those, you'd have
a much better shot.

One thing that can certainly help is to have a portfolio of code
you've written for personal or academic projects or whatever.  Where I
work we're in the process of interviewing a guy who is some kind of
artist, who has used Python in some pretty cool art projects.  He has
a bunch of code on his web site that were very helpful in getting an
impression of his capabilities.

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