IMGCrush (New Python image optimizing tool)

kiithsacmp at kiithsacmp at
Wed Sep 2 20:59:39 CEST 2009

Hello people,

I started to work on a small Python script to simplify mass conversion
of images for a website I was working on.
I eventually got interested in the script more than the site istelf,
and it got a lot bigger, so I released it as an opensource project

It's licensed under BSD and not very polished yet, but I think I
reached a point where it's at least partially usable.
It should run on most Unixes but it's not compatible with Windows
(using unix shell).

IMGCrush (as it's called) tries to save given image (or images, it can
process directories of images as well)
with the smallest possible filesize, so it works similarly to pngcrush
and other png optimizers, with the exception that it can also save to
GIF, JPG, PNG, and user can specify image quality loss he/she can

The way it's used is that the user for instance specfies that he/she
wants an image with smallest possible size with at least 99% quality
or the highest quality image with 50% of size of input, etc. (there
are also other ways to measure quality/size).
Quality isn't measured in a very "human" way now, which will hopefully
change in future.
IMGCrush is also quite slow at the moment, and will probably never be
fast, but it can be a lot faster than it is now.

Project is hosted at Launchpad:
Homepage link:

Use at your own risk :-)
run "imgcrush --help" for usage instructions.

Criticism/ideas/whatever is welcome.


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