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> I learned one thing though. System Restore sounds like a good idea, but
> in my experience it's only good for restoring malware when you reboot.

System restore is a joke! and a complete waste of HD space even if you
have TB's to spare! Actually i can do with almost very piece of built-
in software on this stinking windows platform. Microsoft's whole
system of security is a joke as evidenced by Stevens experience.
Windows ships with back doors wide open just begging for an infection!

BS Packaged software
Windows Mail -> virus magnet/backdoor use gmail
Internet Exploder -> virus magnet/frontdoor, use Chrome|Mozilla
Windows Calendar -> only slightly useful
Windows Media Player -> complete bloatware
Windows Media Center -> bloatware built on bloatware
Windows sync center -> what a joke!
Windows Movie Maker -> yea for kids and housewife's!
Windows Photo Galley -> only slightly useful.
Windows Update -> well i don't like hosting viruses so...?
My meeting place -> worthless junk
Windows Games -> *puke*

*Dangerous and annoying services and settings from the factory*
-Remote Resitry -> completly moronic!
-Remote assistance
-hide known filetypes -> Donde es "destroy useless bloatware button"
-UAC -> what a nagging POS!
-Menus are hidden by default in explorer
-Ready Boost -> *puke*
-Internet Connection Sharing
-NET Tcp port sharing
-Secondary Logon
-Terminal Services
-Windows BackUp
-Windows remote managment
-Routing and Remote Access
-All Peer * services
-all Windows Media center/player network services

Accessories crap!
Calculator -> POS, use the python shell instead
CMD -> What else ya gonna use?
Notepad -> What a useless POS, only one undo! COME ON!
Paint -> are you jokeing M$ -- Glorified etch-a-sketch!
sidebar -> Yes i love wasting memory just to see an analog clock!
sound recorder -> very slightly useful, needs more functionality
WordPad -> no thanks, OO will suffice!

charactor map -> only slightly useful
defragmenter -> too slow
disk cleanup -> obviously made for morons!
Internet Explorer(no add-ons) -> polish a turd, still a turd!

Windows Experience index -> useless bloat
Computer Management -> horrible UI
Task Manager -> The worst UI i have ever used! (Vista)
Windows Help -> maybe for complete morons!

misc bloat
Desktop backgrounds -> crap! use a solid color (black is my fav!)
Sceen savers -> crap! ohh...look at the pretty colors!
Windows Transparency -> crap! vanity run muck!
Themes -> crap! adolescent accessorizing!

Sadly none of these built in memory robbing hard space eating annoying
POS bloatwares can be uninstalled. The only advancement (if you could
call it that) with Vista is the search from start menu is much better
than the previous "puppy dog" search of XP. Short of that Vista is
just lipstick on a pig!  Thanks M$ for bending us over yet again!

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