python daemon - compress data and load data into MySQL by pyodbc

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MacRules <MacRules at> writes:

> What I am looking for is this.
> Oracle DB in data center 1 (LA, west coast)
> MSSQL DB in data center 2 (DC, east coast)
> So network bandwidth is an issue

Okay, that's a brief description but is clearer than we had before.

> I prefer to have gzip fist and
> deliver the data.

Forget about gzip for now; just concentrate on the *problem* to be
solved, and don't assume a particular technique. There are other ways of
addressing limited bandwidth.

> I need 2 python daemons or a web service here in the future.

Again, don't assume a particular technique until it's demonstrated that
it's better than alternatives; default to a simple implementation first.

Nothing in your description speaks to a need for a daemon. What it
sounds like you need is two programs, one running at each end of a
network connection. Whether they are daemons or not is irrelevant.

> I will enter the Oracle table name, user id and password.
> So the task is dump out Oracle data (Linux) and insert that to MSSQL.

That's the core of the problem to be solved, in my view. For now, forget
about limited network bandwidth or how these processes will run.

Are you able to get your particular data out of the one system and into
the other, successfully? What have you tried so far to do this, and what
exactly went wrong?

> Take the Oracle data file, and let the daemon connects to MSSQL (with
> pyodbc) and load the data in.

What was the result of this on your specific data set? If you have
issues related to Oracle or MS servers, or their implementations of SQL,
you'll need to seek assistance in forums specific to those products.

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