cross platform distribution

vpr mvanaswegen at
Fri Sep 4 10:44:50 CEST 2009

Hi All

After a couple of experiments, searching around and reading Steve
Holden's lament about bundling and ship python code, I thought I'd
direct this to to the group. I'm using Python 2.6 btw.

I've build a commercial application that I'd like to bundle and ship.
I'd like to protect some of my IP and the py2exe and cx_freeze builds
provide good enough protection for me.

I'd like to provide a build for windows and a build for linux. Windows
ironically has been easier to target and py2exe has given me a nice
build that I can ship between XP, Vista & Server on both 32 and 64

On linux I've build a build using cx_freeze which works well except
it's not really portable betweem distributions.

I've also been thinking about distributing bytcode versions but things
get tricky quickly.

Can anywone give me some pointers?



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