incorrect DeprecationWarning?

exarkun at exarkun at
Sat Sep 5 17:19:21 CEST 2009

On 02:28 pm, alan.isaac at wrote:
>I am not sure how best to deprecate dependence on the
>Python 2.5 mistake, but this is not it.  And I know at
>least one important library that is affected.

I'll agree that it's not great.  I certainly would have preferred it not 
to have been done.  It is futile to complain about this kind of thing on 
python-list, though.  Raise the issue on python-dev.  I don't think 
anyone will listen to you, but who knows until you try.  If you have an 
alternate suggestion to make, that might help gain some traction; if 
not, the issue will probably just be dismissed.  Even so, I suspect 
someone will say "This is irrelevant, just rename your attribute." 
Python developers aren't much concerned with this kind of thing.


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