HTTPS on Twisted

koranthala koranthala at
Sun Sep 6 16:53:23 CEST 2009

   For a financial application,  I am creating a python tool which
uses HTTPS to transfer the data from client to server. Now, everything
works perfectly, since the SSL support comes free with Twisted.
   I have one problem though. As an upgrade, now, I have to send many
requests as the same client to the server. Many in the range of >10
msgs every second. Now, I am creating a separate TCP connection for
each and am sending the data. Is it possible to create just one SSL
and TCP connection and send each message over that using Twisted?
   I read through Twisted, but was unable to come up with the answer
though. Even if I have to use multiple TCP connections, is it possible
to have just one SSL connection?

   I think persistent connections should be possible for TCP, but is
it possible is Twisted?

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