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hmm, Bing gained a one percent market share after a whirlwind marking
scheme that set M$ back $100 million. When is the last time anybody
saw a Google commercial? anyone? So as per Forbes, M$ has jumped from
a whopping 7.2% share to an astronomical 8.2% share. I can't imagine
the chaos at Google-Plex right now! ..."Chicken Little" paints a
picture though...?

So "Mark-phony-baloney-Mahaney" projects that Bing will get 20 percent
market share. I find that hard to believe, although the brainwashed
masses can be easily intrigued by pretty pictures and marketing FUD.

But how could this possibly have any effect on Python some might
postulate? Well, for one, if Bing DOES happen to put a hurt on Google
that will effect Python in big ways! If some of you don't know, Guido
works for Google and his lively hood depends on a paycheck. Sure if
Guido lost his Job at Google 100 companies would be scrambling to hire
him, *BUT* would those 100 companies allow him to spend half his time
on Python? I think not!

Believe me the last thing the world needs is M$ corrupting the web.
With a monopoly on software and browsing, it's over people! Google is
the only force between the enlightened few and the evil empire of M$.
This is our last stand, double or nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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