Python or ActionScript 3.0

lkcl luke.leighton at
Sun Sep 6 17:19:46 CEST 2009

On Aug 16, 1:29 am, Douglas Alan <darkwate... at> wrote:
> > But both python and AS 3.0 is almost identical.
> No, Python and ActionScript are not "almost identical".

 the AS 3.0 implementation is entirely missing declarative style of
programming: it is purely event-driven.  i.e. you cannot get an AS 3.0
"command prompt" and start executing code, you can _only_ do "stuff"
as fired off and in reaction to user-driven events [in an adobe flash/
AIR application].

> it would be impossible to say which one is more similar to Lisp. In
> general, Python is in my opinion more pleasant to program in than
> ActionScript, but Python is not generally used for client-side browser
> code.

 except by pyjamas developers.

> I think the future of client-side browser programming is actuallyJavaScript, not ActionScript, though that future may morph into one
> that mostly usesJavaScriptas a virtual machine. This is the approach
> that Google Web Toolkit takes. It lets you write your client-side code
> in Java, and that is then compiled intoJavaScript.

 as does pyjamas.
 this also compiles into javascript.
 the source language: python.


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