using python interpreters per thread in C++ program

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Mon Sep 7 14:43:59 CEST 2009

On 7 Sep, 13:17, Ulrich Eckhardt <eckha... at> wrote:

> Quoting from above: "The GIL is global to the process". So no, it is NOT
> private to each thread which means "python" isn't either.
> At least that is my understanding of the issue.

Strictly speaking, the GIL is global to the Python DLL, not the
process. You can load it multiple times from different paths, and if
you do GIL with not be shared.

If you make several clean installs of Python on Windows (say c:
\Python26-0 ... c:\Python26-3), you can embed multiple interpreters in
a process, and they will not share GIL or anything else. But be
careful: all *.pyd files must reside in these directories, or they
will be loaded once and refcounts screw up. The Python DLL must also
be in these directories, not in c:\windows\system32. It is in fact
possible to make Python utilize dual- and quad-core processors on
Windows this way. You can even use ctypes for embedding Python into
Python, so no C is required. See:

To make this hack really work one need multiple complete installs, not
just copies of one DLL as I assumed in the thread. But the general
method is the same.

You can see this as a form of primitive object orientation :P

Sturla Molden

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