HTTPS on Twisted

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Mon Sep 7 21:39:48 CEST 2009

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>On Sep 6, 7:53 pm, koranthala <koranth... at> wrote:
>>   For a financial application,  I am creating a python tool which
>>uses HTTPS to transfer the data from client to server. Now, everything
>>works perfectly, since the SSL support comes free with Twisted.
>>   I have one problem though. As an upgrade, now, I have to send many
>>requests as the same client to the server. Many in the range of >10
>>msgs every second. Now, I am creating a separate TCP connection for
>>each and am sending the data. Is it possible to create just one SSL
>>and TCP connection and send each message over that using Twisted?
>>   I read through Twisted, but was unable to come up with the answer
>>though. Even if I have to use multiple TCP connections, is it possible
>>to have just one SSL connection?
>>   I think persistent connections should be possible for TCP, but is
>>it possible is Twisted?

You can probably get persistent http connections working with 
twisted.web.client (not with getPage or the other "convenience" 
functions though).

The new http client which is being developed will support this in a much 
simpler way.  With a bit of luck (or maybe some additional help from 
people interested in a really high-quality http client), this should be 
included in Twisted 9.0 which I hope will be out very soon.


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