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> >On Sun, 30 Aug 2009 10:48:24 -0700, r wrote:
> >> I think a point and click GUI builder (although some may disagree) is
> >> actually detrimental to your programming skills. The ability to
> >> visualize the GUI only from the source code as you read it, is as
> >> important to a programmer as site reading sheet music is to a
> >> musician. And I like to program with the training wheels off.
> >The main advantage of a GUI builder is that it helps prevent you from
> >hard-coding the GUI into the program. You could get the same effect by
> >coding a UIL/XRC/etc file manually, but a GUI builder tends to force it.
> A GUI builder results in hard coding the GUI. The code only resides
> elsewhere.


> >It also allows the GUI to be edited by without requiring any programming
> >knowledge. This eliminates the need for the GUI designer to be familiar
> >with the programming language used (or any programming language), and
> >allows customisation by end users.

and this is why M$ interfaces suck eggs! This whole "let's just slap
together something that works even if kludgy" attitude begets the
horrible UI's of which i speak. Are you saying that programmers have
no ability to design elegant UI's? Or are you saying GUI's are not
*that* important?

> What I resent is that it leads to a non-professional attitude
> of the graphical part. Programming is over, lets now kludge
> some screens together. No. The graphics part has to be carefully
> designed, carefully tested, and carefully "written", even if it
> is using a graphical tool. So, yes please, *do* create a GUI
> "programmatically".
> Groetjes Albert

Agreed! You *must* get up-close-and-personal with the GUI code. You
know, in the past i would write the logic first and then fit the GUI
to the code, not any more!. Now I design the GUI first, then write the
code to complement it. Maybe i'm just nuts, but i thought GUI's where
targeted at "non-technical" end users, not the enlightened few?


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