How do I post to the wxPython mailing list?

PythonAB python at
Tue Sep 8 09:14:15 CEST 2009

On 8 sep 2009, at 02:25, Neil Hodgson wrote:

> PythonAB:
>> I dont want to register with a google account,
>> is there any way to use a non-gmail account?
>   A Google account does not mean you have to use gmail. The Google
> account is used to handle your interaction with Google services and  
> can
> be used in conjunction with arbitrary email accounts. Just create a
> Google account and set the email address to your preferred address.
>   Neil

No, but it means that more of my data goes into the same company.
There's no way to use my own email accounts from my own domain,
and I don't have a choice anymore.

In other words, if i want to be able to get the wxPython list mail, I'm
forced to use a google account, am I not? Is this the start of total
control by google?

Time to switch to QT then...


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