Why does this group have so much spam?

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Tino Wildenhain  <tino at wildenhain.de> wrote:
>Here is another idea: for spam senders pointing to servers under=20
>jurisdiction, size the server and check all incoming requests
>from users - if they try to do a deal, prosecute a few of them
>in the public for supporting a crime. (And of course if possible
>get hold of the spammers too). Sure there would be corner cases
>where for example a competitor might try to discredit a company,
>but in most cases, cui bono should be the spammer after all.

You know what that is: terror. Those in power just picks just
somebody, punish them in a way that is beyond reason, to scare the
crap out of everybody. This is what the western justice system is
supposed to prevent. This is the exact opposite of what
"the Free West" is supposed to mean.

Terrorised by government, or by interest groups, is as bad as
terrorised by Scientology Church or street punks.

Think about it. Hitler came legally to power, and was able to
transform Germany in a police state based on laws that were very
liberal compared to what we have today. (Only later he went far beyond
that.) Of course a lot of Jewish business men weren't honest. (No
business men is.). So being Jewish is probably criminal. Were does it

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