Class variable inheritance

HPJ henrypijames at
Wed Sep 9 08:05:30 CEST 2009

And by the way, the reason I've come across this problem at all is
because I have something like this:

class A:
  class X:
    n = 'a'
  x = X()

class B(A):
  class X(A.X):
    n = 'b'
# x = X()

The line commented out was originally not there, but I found out I had
to add it if I wanted B().x.n to be 'b' instead of 'a'.

I might be wrong, but aren't there some (non-obscure) OOP language in
which the equivalent code (without the out-commented line) would have
made B().x an object of type B.X instead of A.X?

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